Moisture & dirt are a thing of the past.

Doellken is constantly developing innovative system solutions. The Doellken Aqua Stop Pen is a seamless addition.

With the Aqua Stop Pen, furniture joints are waterproof, steam-resistant & dirt-repellent.


ORIGIN OF Doellken


Fine water vapour can cause adhesive joints to swell - board joints in particular provide the largest area for water to penetrate. But not anymore because Doellken Aqua Stop Pen also provides enhanced protection against moisture penetration.


Water and moisture such as in the kitchen and bathroom can no longer damage your wood-composite board thanks to Doellken Aqua Stop Pen which sealed the joints quickly and, above all, reliably. Just apply a thin layer, leave to dry for one minute and the joint is watertight.


No dirt can get into the joint thanks to the tight seal. The treated surface is therefore easy to clean and aesthetically appealing.